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Resources Archives:
  • Collins, J.V., A Metrical Tragedy
  • Driscoll; Berger; Hambleton; Keller; Maloy, Hart, Oh, and Getis; Bowles; Gougeon; McDermott; Churchill, Education Reform: Ten Years after the Massachusetts Education Reform Act of 1993
  • Phelps, Dietrich, Phillips, McCormack, Higher Education: An International Perspective (book)
  • Phelps, The Achievement Benefits of Standardized Testing # Forty Years of Public Opinion on Standardized Testing # Economic Perspectives on Standardized Testing
  • Raimi, Academic Dishonesty in College (book)
  • Rogosa, Statistical Blunders by the Proponents and Opponents of Accountability
  • Rogosa, Irrelevance of Reliability Coefficients to Accountability Systems: Statistical Disconnect in Kane-Staiger "Volatility in School Test Scores"

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