Updated 4/21/11



A Trans-ideological Journal of Criticism, Research & Review

Educational Horizons' parent organization, Pi Lambda Theta, has been bought by Phi Delta Kappa, which has kept the journal's name but changed its direction and emphasis. We view the changeover with regret: A periodical previously noted for examining hidden agendas, for naming the elephants in the room, in short for pointing out “the emperor is wearing no clothes” is gone. Still, we wish the new owners the best.

Nevertheless, in a top-down era of rubrics, standards, and bureaucracy, and in an unprecedented atmosphere of teacher-bashing, it is sad to witness the death of an independent and alternative voice. Seldom does the reader of an education journal suddenly sit straight up and blurt out “I wish I'd thought of that!” or “Somebody's finally saying in print what we've been saying all along!” You could pretty well count on such reactions to the old Horizons.

We, the editors and columnists of the old Horizons want to continue that tradition at our new quarterly, NEW EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATIONS, A Journal of Trans-ideological Criticism and Review. We welcome outside-the-box critiques and nonstandard suggestions, ranging from opinion pieces to scholarly articles, for an online refereed journal of ideas and dialogue.

We expect to establish NEW EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATIONS (NEF) within the framework of a non-profit organization and are only relying on NewFoundations Press ( for support so long as we need it to get set up.

In this journal we are not looking for either cheerleading or venting -- those are for blogs. We will neither favor nor reject any ideological bent, since as a group, we, the editors and reviewers of NEF, ourselves, represent different, often conflicting commitments to fundamental beliefs.

Nor do we want to nurture either the culture of complaint or that of compliance -- we've got politicians who do that for a living. Rather, we are looking for the kind of ideas and research that just don't normally arise in committee meetings or handpicked commissions, selecting for quality of thought and presentation, and editing principally for space and grammar.

This journal is a forum for independent-minded teachers, professors, administrators and researchers who prefer intelligent practice over merely implementing the will of others. We fear that "professionals" who just do what they are told may as easily serve a tyranny as a democracy, and if they're good enough at it, it becomes hard to tell the difference. There are alternatives to this scenario, and NEF will explore those alternatives.

Of course, we're also looking for readers. We hope to have an a complimentary first issue published for late Summer or early Fall. It will be available online via an address to be announced on this website. After that we hope to offer a yearly subscription of four issues for about $14. Because our new journal will be electronically published, thus eliminating the costs of printing, binding and mailing, we hope to keep the price of subscription low.

So, if you want to become a contributor, send your monograph to


Roberts Ehrgott, Wade Carpenter, Gary Clabaugh, Richard Phelps, Edward Rozycki